Tablelands Speech Pathology is driven to provide the best speech pathology treatment possible. Our purpose is to help children find their voice.

Children of all ages can experience speech and sound difficulties which can impact their communication, social interaction and confidence. In addition to providing professional speech pathology assessment, diagnosis and treatment, we’re pleased to support adults and caregivers in the form of webinars and workshops. These are available for teachers, teachers’ aides, school officers, therapists, support workers, parents and carers.

Speech Sound Difficulties (how your child produces sounds)

Expressive Language Difficulties (what your child says)

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Receptive Language Difficulties (what your child understands)

Late Talking

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Reading, Spelling and Phonological Awareness

Social Language Difficulties (how your child uses language to interact)

On completion of assessment and diagnosis a customised treatment pathway will be developed, incorporating evidence-based practices.

We’re passionate about providing real outcomes. If you are worried or concerned that your child is not developing appropriate speech, language or literacy abilities for their age, then please contact Tablelands Speech Pathology to book an assessment. Call Laura on 0415 073 216 or

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