Patient Voice Recording

Please submit a video of your child talking as we have discussed. If possible, I would love to be able to see their face. Some great video opportunities would be during a shared book reading where your child is sharing/ reading the book with you. Another opportunity could be while playing with a favourite imaginative play toy (eg tea set, dolls, trains). The key is to record a moment in time where you can make a good guess about what your child is trying to say. It would be amazing if you can then listen to the recording and do your best to type what you hear your child saying. It does not need to be perfect. This written version of the recording will give me the best chance of analysing the difference between what your child is trying to say and how they are actually saying it, and thus, how to help them. Thank you so much for doing this – I know it is a big job…but it really is so helpful.

  • Max. file size: 100 MB.

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